Growing up, identical twins Jennifer* and Marie*, 34 were best friends and inseparable. They had their own secret language, played all of the same sports and had a normal, happy childhood.

We had a house with a white picket fence. My parents were together [and] they didnt fight. We went on vacations. Everything was perfect, Marie, who now lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, recalled.

But all that changed when the twins went to high school.

Since they ran within a tenth of a second of each other on the track team, their coach pinned them against each other and it made them think that one of them had to be better than the other.

When they realized they were going to start applying to colleges and they would be away from each other for the first time in their lives, their competitiveness intensified.

Although they had never paid much attention when other people would try to tell them apart by labeling one as prettier, smarter or a better athlete, they started to question those things themselves.

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