This Helpless ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Just Pissed Off All Of Alabama

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On the latest episode of “Jeopardy,” the college football world was introduced to a man named Terry (above), and for all the wrong reasons. “Colleges By Team Names” was a category on Tuesday night’s edition of the game show — an easy slate of questions to cash-in on for any average sports fan, right?

Especially when this is the first question:


Ah, it’s Alabama! That’s an easy $200. 

Nope, not for Terry. His answer: Auburn. 

That’s right, drop your head in shame, Terry. You blew it. Thank goodness for Steve and his correct answer. But Terry, man, if you have any future plans to visit Alabama anytime soon, cancel them and stay away from the crimson folk. The Iron Bowl is serious SEC business for those fans. 

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