616 homicides, and counting: Chicago police try to curb violence

(CNN)Chicago started the year in a bloodbath, a harbinger of the homicide count 2016 would beget. This past weekend was its bloodiest. Read our past coverage to learn more about Chicago’s violence, police department, high-profile shootings and victims. Laquan McDonald video: Shot teen spins, falls onto road Why did it take 13 months for police […]

EnLighten App Uses AI to Predict When Lights Will Turn Green

Silicon Valley is looking for guinea pigs, and not to beta test a new compression algorithm. Test subjects will need a body, sure, but theyll also need an iPhone 4 or newer model and a car, preferably a BMW. Welcome to the living lab of San Jose, where a pilot study with real-time traffic data […]

Campus Costume Cops Ask Students To Report Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

So much for the one day of the year when its supposed to be okay to be someone else.”> As college administrators become more accommodating of easily-offended students, one formerly uncontroversial tradition is now a yearly battle in the war over political correctness on campus: Halloween. Tis the season, unfortunately: universities across the country are […]

College Is Still Getting More Expensive. What Can Stop It?

The nations colleges and universities hiked tuition and other prices yet again this year, continuing a decadeslong practice of raising them above the rate of inflation as higher education becomes less and less affordable. Tuition, fees, and room and board at private nonprofit colleges rose 2.6 percent on average, when adjusted for inflation, to $45,370 this academic year, according to a […]

FBI warns Philadelphia universities over 4chan post

Four days after a deadly shooting in Oregon that may have been connected with the notorious online community 4chan, federal law enforcement agencies issued a warning on Sunday to Philadelphia universities due to a threat posted to the anonymous imageboard. The FBI warning, issued out of an abundance of caution to Philadelphia-area schools, did not […]

In praise of Facebook’s new ‘Like’ button

When rumors spread online last month that Facebook was going to add a Dislike button, the Internet reacted with a great deal of, well, dislike. Although CEO Mark Zuckerberg clarified that he didnt intend to suggest that the platform was instituting its own form of Reddit downvoting, nobody understood what he was really planning until […]

It’s About to Get Harder to Seek Student Debt Relief

A new rule finalized Friday by the Obama administration will cost student debtors who say their colleges defrauded them some longstanding rights to get their federal loans canceled, while colleges on shaky financial footing dodged agovernment crackdown. Those regulations, proposed in June, mark the administration’s response to the spate of closures of for-profit colleges, following state and federal investigations and lawsuits that […]