New York City Ballet Dancer Is Still Spinning At Six Months Pregnant

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Ashley Bouder has been dancing with the New York City Ballet since she was just 17 years old. In fact, when she first stepped onto the famous stage, she fell flat on her face! Since then, she’s become a valued member of the company, and has lived a very full life.

As you already know, a dancer’s body is their entire career. Ballerinas are known for their verylean, yetincredibly powerful physiques. Dancers have to eat right, keep in shape, and upkeep their bodies with the utmost care. Not only does the standard ballerina body usually need to be uniform with the entire company, but having this powerful, light build makes it easier for dancers to leap and bound across the stage.

So, when Ashley found out that she was pregnant… she certainly had a moment when she wondered what was in store for her career.

However, with tremendoussupport from her colleges, friends, and family, Ashley has continued to dance all the way up to six months pregnant!

Here’s a graceful action shot of Ashley leaping and bounding across the stage before her pregnancy.

Then, this past summer, she found out she was pregnant. While she is normally an intensely career-driven person, and holds the mentality that she needs to push her body to the extremes because that’s what her job entails… this baby changed everything.

But she certainly wasn’t going to give up her career altogether. At three months pregnant, she danced the principal role inHarlequinade with the New York City Ballet. Then, at four months, she posed for this picture after performing in the Nutcracker with this caption:

“Some days you just love your job. I got to dance and live in Balanchine’s Waltz of the Flowers twice and my love came for round 2. Beyond thankful for his support, my colleagues and friends support, and that of the New York City Ballet for letting me be me out there at 4 months pregnant.#nycbnutcracker2015#ballerina#ballet#bouderbump#4monthspregnant”

Before the pregnancy, she wasn’t especiallyinterested in younger dancers. But now that she’s expecting, teaching and interacting with young dancers is one of her favorite parts of the job. At six months pregnant, she’s still working as a teacher and taking classes like the true pro that she is.

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