22 People On The Most Bizarre Places Theyve Had Sex Thatve Seriously Turned Them On

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Sometimes the bedroom just isnt satisfying your desires anymore and you need to step outside the comfort of your own room to spice things up a little bit. The only trick is not getting caught, arrested, or banned for life during your daring moments. Avoiding getting caught can be half the fun, along with the story that comes out of it. And remember, if its a rockin dont come a knockin.

1. I broke into a house being built by my current landlord, we had sex on the unfinished floors and I went to the roof and hung up my underwear like a trophy because my landlord is a dick. Mary, 22

2. There is a one-lane bridge in my hometown and during the day my boyfriend and I went on top of the bridge and had sex while cars were passing underneath us. Sarah, 20

3. I had sex on a boat with this guy while the boat was tied up (sadly not me) and there were people around. It was absolutely risky and people definitely knew what was going on, but we didnt care. Carly, 21

4. I had sex on a four-wheeler by the side of the road, it was after dark and only one car passed us. I just casually waved when they honked. Sam, 23

5. I was having sex with this girl in my truck in a field in the middle of what I thought was no where, but these guys on four-wheelers came in the trail and definitely knew what were doing in the back of my truck, but I figured why stop and kept going. Might as well give ’em a show. Mike, 25

6. On a stage that was on the beach, at night, that Waka Flocka and Diplo performed earlier that day. Figured a little more sweat on the stage couldn’t hurt. Ned, 23

7. I was walking home from the bar with this guy and I really wanted him. We started making out and he started fingering me while I was standing up outside of houses on the sidewalk. Looking back it was super raunchy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. Kim, 26

8. I started having sex in the filthy bar bathroom.Needless to say it was the men’s room so it couldn’t be dirtier. Everyone knew what we were doing somehow, maybe it was her loud moans and the slapping sound. I ended up getting banned from the bar. It was worth it; she was a hot cougar. I don’t think it was her first time getting down and dirty in the bar bathroom. Cameron, 24

9. I was hooking up with this girl on this private beach, at least I it was private. Wed been there multiple times and no one had ever been there, but this time an elderly couple was going for a walk on the beach. It was embarrassing, but oddly thrilling and gave us all a good laugh. Dan, 27

10. I had sex in my car outside a party. Everyone knew what we were doing, people came outside and started jumping on my car and looking in the windows, but we just kept going. The windows started fogging up and they were drunk anyways. Stevie, 20

11. I fucked this girl in the bathroom stall at a concert. It was actually disgusting because so many drunk dudes were throwing up and taking shits. The floor was already nasty so I figured I could just pull out and finish on the ground. We tried to be discrete, but like I said there were drunk dudes, so they were banging on the stall door and cheering. Kevin, 24

12. One time I went to the drive in and things started getting hot and heavy so we decided to go into the back seat. Well we started having sex, but didnt realize until after that the windows were all foggy and the car was shaking. Guess there were two shows going on that night. Michaela, 22

13. This girl and I were setting up a huge breakfast at work and once we finished setting up we walked to the other room to put tables away and she started grabbing my dick. We had a real intense quickie in a closet. She grabbed a high chair and so I could rail her from behind. It was so hot and kinky that she initiated everything. Derek, 25

14. I was in the laundry room in a dorm building during preseason cross country camp and we were having sex on a washer during the middle of the night. We were so close to getting busted by our coach. It was intense. Nick, 19

15. I used to bring my ex to where I worked after hours and we would fuck on the conference table. She gave me a blowjob while I was sitting in my boss’s chair at his desk once too. I hope the janitor did a good job cleaning because it was always a mess after. Sorry to all my old co-workers, hope you keep your heads up during conferences (pun intended). Ryan, 28

16. I had sex in the end zone of my colleges football field. I got a lot of turf in my ass, but Id do it again. Ciara, 21

17. It was the 13th fare way of a golf course in a gated community. Next time I could go for two hole in ones if you know what I mean. Jennifer, 23

18. A hammock. Everyone should try it. Drake, 23

19. The top floor balcony of an apartment building, while it was down pouring rain. Anyone could have definitely looked out their window and saw us, maybe they even did. It added some extra lubrication. Jordan, 28

20. Started in my living room, continued to my kitchen, and ended when my roommates walked in on us when I had her up on the table doing her from behind. Tyler, 24

21. Living room floor of her parents place. Not as good as their bed, but still. Kyle, 23

22. On a trail at a state park during the day. It was risky, but we didnt get caught…so it was fucking worth it. Sophia, 21

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